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Scope Categories

All spirits have limited scope or influence, but there are three categories in the Otherfaith that inform us of a spirit's powers and abilities.

Greater Spirits

Greater Spirits are almost-divine spirits. They are incredibly powerful and gifted spirits. They may be one of the primary lovers of one of the Four Gods or adopted into the god's family. Generally, the more gods that are involved with a spirit's creation or maturing, the more likely they are to achieve Greater Spirit status. Greater Spirits do not usually serve as a god's Right-Hand. They often act as intercessory spirits for humans, blocking or aiding the gods as needing in devotional relationships. Frequently, they appear as large, either in height or weight, denoting their powerful energy.

Younger Spirits

Younger Spirits are usually the children of gods. They have less power and fewer associations than the Greater Spirits. They are more dimunitive as well. While Greater Spirits may ignore or flaunt the rules, Younger Spirits often adhere to the rules of their Order and Court. The Right-Hands of the gods are Younger Spirits. They both uphold the functioning of the West and challenge the establishment. They are liminal spirits in an already liminal space, bringing to light similarities in apparent contradictions. They are often solitary spirits, appearing with one or two other spirits and not usually among groups or troop. Younger Spirits are focused and driven, making interaction with them different than Greater Spirits.

Smaller Spirits

Smaller Spirits are considered pure elemental forces. This includes the four classical elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, as well as the scientific elements such as magnesium, uranium, and oxygen. They may also embody vague aspects, such as electricity. In humanoid form, they appear as toddlers or children. These spirits are dangerous not because of malevolence but because of their raw energy. At best, they can override energetic bodies. They are given free reign of the West and are not bound to any god.


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