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The four gods of the Otherfaith are the Clarene, Ophelia, Laetha, and Dierne. They were revealed in 2010-2011. Eventually four additional gods revealed themselves: the Laethelia, Ophelene, Darren, and Eighth/Liathane. They came to the attention of the Other People in 2014-2015.

These eight gods comprise the worshiped deities in the Otherfaith. They can be called the Four Gods, Four/Four Gods, or Four+ Gods. Because the latter quartet of gods is made up of syncretic combinations of the first four, ‘Four Gods’ encompasses all the Other People’s deities.

Each gods' name is preceded by the - this implies that the name doubles as a title and in some cases may be used by multiple spirits.[1]

The Four Gods are tied to the compass rose, one of the main symbols of the Otherfaith. Each god can be connected to a point on the compass. Their placement influences the meaning of the compass, providing variation.

Each god has a basic role they fill in the Otherfaith. This is not an in-depth explanation of the gods.

The Clarene

Main Article: Clarene

the Clarene is a god of sovereignty and sensuality. She is associated with the hearth, harvest, and slaughter. She is a gatekeeper in the Otherfaith.

The Ophelia

Main Article: Ophelia

the Ophelia is a god of rivers, lakes, and time. She is tied to the Otherfaith concept of ‘fate’. She oversees purification rites and acts as one of the destructive transformation forces in the Otherfaith (along with the Laetha).

The Laetha

Main Article: Laetha

the Laetha is a multi-faced god of fire and ascension. The god is comprised of a dozen spirits all tied to ‘essence’ of the Laetha. The god is a confrontational one and the other destructive transforming force in the Otherfaith (along with the Ophelia).

The Dierne

Main Article: Dierne

the Dierne is the supreme god of consent and pleasure. He is associated with spirit lovers and sex of all kinds. He is a wild and revolutionary force and associated with rebellion and triumph.

The Laethelia

Main Article: Laethelia

the Laethelia is a ‘mermaid god’ of the ocean, including the deep ocean. She is a god of joy and excitement. She is part of the triad of purification deities (Ophelia, Laethelia, and Ophelene) and emphasizes healing.

The Ophelene

Main Article: Ophelene

the Ophelene is a god of justice and retribution. She upholds order with her sword and shield. She is one of two Otherfaith gods with positive draconic associations. She is the third of the Other People’s purification deities, emphasizing purification through bloodshed.

The Darren

Main Article: Darren

the Darren is a god of mediation and peacemaking. He acts as a balancing force to the other gods. Slow moving and contemplative, he helps the Other People to find calm and introspection.

The Eighth

Main Article: Eighth God

Possibly called ‘the Liathane’. Not much is known as the Eighth was revealed in the current year. So far they seem associated with horror and disorder. They have possible ties to outsiders and ostracized spirits.

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